Navines Solutions

Ahmedabad, India
Current Openings : 3
Staff Members : 1-10 Employees
Company Url : http://www.navinescom




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About Navines Solutions

The legacy of serving EXTRAORDINARY! Take a step closer to the goal with the company created to cater different, here different is Better. We at Navines, take pride in working as a silent but smart partner to help you run business with ease. Doesn’t matter if you are a small or giant enterprise, we loved to be your digital partner. While we will looking and search deeper at the international potential hidden in your business model. Grow with us as we promise to take a step ahead of the digital future. With your new software operation, you will increase your existing profit to the new level. Navines was established to allow small, large and medium enterprise business owners to grow in wealth. We allow business owners to study their operations more closely to understand the existing problems and the hidden potential that exists in your operation to take you to the new global market for your industry. Navines Business Formula (NBF) Our technique based on many years of experience, three leading vectors are involved in our unique NBF i.e. Competitive Intelligence Department, UX / UI Design department and the Software developers department. Before we start, we create a deep analysis, extensive investigation to understand the microdata in-depth of your business. We will take your business to a different position by providing new wisdom and software strategy, profit improvement and worldwide optimization to discover new potentials. Our results are based on the study of truth. We are not affected by rumors. Our review team will investigate your financial statements as they are to understand better the mathematics behind your financial accounting. Once we complete our meticulous review then we can see a real picture of all your business. Based on our report we will start planning together which software your business needs and what improvements your business needs in UX / UI Design to be truly special. We believe in design and we are confident that design is a key part of the product you are developing. Since engineering and the arts are an integral part of everyday lives, we will make sure your design will be at a high standard. Software developers department The level of design and the level of engineering in your product is perfect. We will make sure to accurately understand if your program needs a renewal or upgrade, our engineering developers team will carefully check your code, as a result, we can improve and give you significant added value for your profit and convenience. Through smart techniques, we know how to infuse every device into your business interest. We are experts at identifying a landmark on Earth that has a large number of technology-savvy users who can be your customers. Let’s our special tools developed in navines labs, be your weapon to fight the digital battle. GAME CHANGER Most humans on Earth have access to a home computer, PC (a personal computer)with smart techniques we can legally reach any technological device on earth that allows access to organic and paid advertiser’s Geographic coordinate system. We are experts at identifying a Geographic coordinate on the Earth that has a large number of users with technology devices who can be your customers via special tools created and developed in navines labs.

Current Jobs in Navines Solutions
Jobs 3
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07 Sep 2020

Job Summary Looking for Ionic developer who has good experience in developing an angular based ionic application as we are having an enterprise scale project which we need to get refactored with separate frontend and backend, first, we are looking…

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07 Sep 2020

Job Summary This includes Angularjs and CSS coding, assisting in the QA, testing, and the actual publishing of the websites. The Frontend Web Developer will also assist in providing back up design support when needed. Develop user interface for customer…

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05 Sep 2020

You'll be joining a creative team, focused on results, and works together to achieve goals. This includes Working with Frontend and Backend technologies such as Spring, Struts, Angular, React, or any other third party integration with support java and it's…